How to appreciate the Psalms for worship and prayer
9:30 AM // via Zoom and in-person in the parlor
Join Fr Dave and the Adult Forum on a discovery filled reading of David Tomlinson’s Knowing Christ: Christian Discipleship and the Eucharist. The author uses stories, reflections, and prayer as he breaks down the eucharist into the building blocks of being a disciple of Jesus. For $5 you can order a paperback or download the kindle version from Amazon or your favorite book distributor. As we prepare for Christmas, the eucharist is the main spiritual activity that opens our eyes to see Jesus in our lives and all around us in community and creation. Get ready for Christmas by deepening your awareness of the eucharist. This class begins November 14 and continues through Advent and the Christmas season each Sunday 9:30 – 10:25.
Meeting ID: 830 3523 3073 | Passcode: 164847
Buy the book through Amazon Smile. Be sure to choose Christ Episcopal Church as your designated charity!