August 2021: Deacon’s Message

Mainstreet Community Garden!   Pumpkin Patch!   Sacred Ground!   Holy Currencies!

It is truly amazing all of the activity that is getting in gear as we start back into “close to full swing” with worship and formation.   Our Ministry Fair was a great success and showed how much there is to be involved with.

If you have paid even a little attention, you have noticed a few changes across the street at the Main Street Community Garden.  We are getting developing plans and soon we will be able to display a visual presentation.   We are so fortunate to have support from Doree Collins and UnIncluded Club.  They bring experience and education and there is great excitement “growing” on several fronts.

One of the first “occupants” of the Main Street Community Garden is going to be a Pumpkin Patch.   Pumpkins are scheduled to arrive in late September, and we are looking forward to this as the first “community” activity at Main Street Community Garden.  We will be offering “pre-order” soon, and plan to have enough Pumpkins on hand to satisfy fall decorating and more.   Jack O Lanterns are in our future!

You are aware of the 2nd Offering of Sacred Ground…which is drawing in even more from our Community.  Please talk to Crystal French or Deacon Glennda if you are interested, or if you know someone else who has expressed a desire to follow this structured study in Racial Justice.

Our Outreach Steering Committee, (Art Boyer, Peter Kisner, Jeni Lorenz, Crystal French, Valerie Sanders, and Deacon Becky) are going to be involved in the 2nd Holy Currencies experience at Christ Church.   They will be versed and start sharing with us about the Exchange of Currencies for  creating sustainable ministries”;  Time and Place, Leadership, Relationship, Truth, Wellness and Money. 

If you are wanting to know what else you can participate in, check out these and other ministries.

You can be involved in ways that strengthen and allow sharing of your Gifts…and we can expect even more blessings to our community because of Christ Church. 

The Rev. Becky Sparks