Deacon’s Message: September 20, 2021

Have you noticed changes in the weather, and in things going on at Christ Church? Cooler weather is moving in, and more of us are getting involved in special activities for Christ Church and for our Community.

The Outreach Steering Committee made it’s first project a big one – and one that impacts Temple in very special ways.   Main Street Community Garden is gathering momentum with planning and getting utilities in place. Pay Attention…. more activity is coming, and there will be much that we can enjoy being a part of in the months to come.

Pumpkins Patch

Pumpkins are arriving this week!  The Pumpkins are to get here on Thursday Morning, after their journey from Floydada, Texas. Pre-sale has started and you can order now, and come and pick out more pumpkins this weekend (September 24,25, and 26).  Sales will continue until the pumpkins have found their way to homes….and the supply is limited. Come early to get your special pumpkin.  (Special Thanks to Lengefeld Lumber for scheduling a Forklift to move the pumpkins from the 18-Wheeler to their “transition spot” at Main Street Community Garden. Thanks also to St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church for allowing us to share space on the truck.) *We are so excited and fortunate to have guidance from Doree Colllins and Un-Included Club in our Main Street Community Garden collaboration.

The Outreach Steering Committee is participating in Holy Currencies and will be getting guidance and experience in developing relationships in Christ Church and in the wider Temple Community.  The Pumpkin Patch and Main Street Community Garden are projects that have been launched to develop those relationships and be a part of the good things that are developing in Temple. Please feel free to talk to Jeni Lorenz, Valerie Sanders, Crystal French, Peter Kisner, Art Boyer, or Deacon Becky and let them know of your interest and learn how to be a part of the “organic” growth that is going on at Christ Church. (And continue to sign up for Feed My Sheep food opportunities, Bingo at the Kyle Hotel, and other activities.  You will see Christ Church Youth Group at some of these too!)

Sacred Ground

Another session of Sacred Ground has begun with a group intentionally discovering and sharing the effects of Racial Injustice personal journeys, and in the world we share. Please continue to pray for this group as we are led to consider the difficult and harmful impact of racial prejudice and look to the Healing that God is communicating to hearts. Deep care continues to move in Christ Church and into the “neighborhood” we share in Temple, in the surrounding town, and in our Country.

This is just a part of so much that is going on at Christ Church. Can you sense the change in the air, and the movement that originates from our commitment to God and to His Work…and to each other?

Becky Sparks, Deacon