Prayer List

Health: Fr. Mark, Emilio, Adrienne, Tim, Teresa, Kelley, Ginny, Jay, Judy, Harriet, Christie, Judith, Sue, Pam, Dudley, Jane, Melinda, Amalie, Shirley, Adelaide, April and her family, Anna, Elton, Sue, Kris, Peggy, Bobbie, and JD

Military: Nathan, Andrew, Brendan, Jackson, David, Trevor, Paul, Jason, Josh, Matthew, Zane, and Zachary

Church leaders: Presiding Bishop Michael; our Bishops Andy, Jeff, Kai, and Hector; our Interim Rector Janice, our Assisting Priest Dave, and our Deacon Becky

Government leaders: our president Joe, our governor Greg, our mayor Tim, our district attorney Henry, our county judge David, our police chief Shawn, and our city manager Brynn

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