Sunday, August 29, 2021

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The 8:30 AM service, Rite I, will be in-person and also livestreamed on our Facebook page. The 10:30 AM service, Rite II, is in-person only.

8:30 AM Holy Eucharist Rite I, in-person and livestreamed
9:00 AM Grab and Go Breakfast in the Parish Hall
9:30 AM Adult Forum, Children’s Formation, and Youth Formation
10:30 AM Holy Eucharist Rite II, in-person only

11:45 AM Choir Rehearsal

Out of love and care for our neighbors, even if you are fully vaccinated, we encourage everyone to wear a mask and follow socially-distanced guidelines.

The nursery, located down the hall from the church library, is open during both services. If you need help locating the nursery, please ask an usher for assistance.

If you need to leave with your child during the service, a children’s area is set up in the room next to the Youth Room. The 10:30 AM service will be livestreamed in the room so that parents can watch the service.

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8:30 AM - Rite I Holy Eucharist

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10:30 AM - Rite II Holy Eucharist

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Music Notes

Three pieces from Pièces de Clavecin  Jean-Philippe Rameau

Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764) was one of the most influential thinkers about music during eighteenth-century Europe. In fact, his publications formed the basis for nearly all Western music theories today. In addition to being a leading keyboard composer, Ramaeu was the most dominant French opera composer of his lifetime. His revolutionary harmonies sparked huge debates over musical style, known as "The War of the Buffoons". Despite his huge influence on European thought and music as a composer and music theorist, sadly, American audiences rarely hear his music today.

Like most French harpischord music, Rameau's secular keyboard compositions are generally both graceful and fanciful. The three brief pieces constituting our prelude today are entitled "Le Lardon" (The Bacon or The Small Boy), "La Boiteuse" (The Limping Girl) and "Tembourin" (Tambourine).

"Fugue" from Sonata VI, Op. 65/6  Felix Mendelssohn
Felix Mendelssohn (1809-47) was a child prodigy and a leading "traditional" composer of the nineteenth century. In his brief life, he composed prolifically in nearly every genre and also championed Bach's music, in what is called the "Bach" revival. His playing of Bach reportedly made English organ builders want to add pedals to their organs.

Unlike most sonatas of any era, this and Mendelssohn's other organ sonatas are based upon sacred tunes. The sixth sonata presents the Vater Unser -- the tune Martin Luther wrote to accompany the singing of the Lord's Prayer. This fugue concludes a series of variations upon the tune; and, its theme is derived from Luther's tune. In a fugue, a composer shows his skill in presenting a theme over and over in different contexts, from the pedals to inside the keyboard textures to the top "voice". Nearly any Protestant between the 17th century and the mid-twentieth century would have immediately and easily recognized this tune, thereby increasing audience's enjoyment. Just like Handel and Mendelssohn used oratorios as "sacred operas", Mendelssohn turned the secular sonata into a sacred concert piece.

You can find the tune Vater Unser in our hymnal, 1982 #575 with the text "Before Thy Throne, O God". This poem has only 4 stanzas. Luther's hymn has 9 stanzas ("verses"). The tune is strong and set in the Dorian mode, which sounds sad to modern listeners; but, during these centuries, this mode did not necessarily connote sadness--it was used to present serious matters, even if uplifting. (With distant cultures--even our own after lengths of time--it's easy to misinterpret others.)

Dr. Leon Couch
Adult Forum
9:30 AM // Via Zoom and in-person in the parlor
In the 6-week series, How to Appreciate the Psalms for Worship and Prayer, Fr Dave will explore ideas and principles for appreciating the Psalms and how to use them to enrich your prayer life. Each week, the class will also examine closely the particular Psalm appointed for that Sunday. Bring your coffee and breakfast to class for an enjoyable tour of the original Judeo-Christian hymnal.
Meeting ID: 830 3523 3073
Passcode: 164847
Freeing Jesus Sunday Book Study
via Zoom // 1:30 PM
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Passcode: 753223
Sacred Ground
Today is the last day to sign up for the fall session of Sacred Ground. Contact the Rev. Glennda Hardin, Deacon, to register.